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Monday, 1 August 2016

The Apple New EarPods Lightning Cable

We have long been talking about the possibility that Apple remove the minijack connector and headphones connected to the iPhone through the Lightning connector. Everyone seems crazy because how widespread is the 3.5 mm (minijack) in the world of telephony.

However, there is something we can not forget: Apple loves to change the course of technology. We may find ourselves in one of those moments when Apple decides that everyone should adapt to them. As it did with the Nano SIM, the "ultrabooks", smartphones, etc.

And new video EarPods

The video shows the EarPods with the Lightning connector being used on an iPhone 6s. If Apple begins with the production of this type of EarPods Lightning, we would expect that Apple will include in the iPhone 7 this new model of headphones. And how shown in the video cable controls work perfectly.

It is not yet clear that Apple peripherals include the iPhone 7, but it is quite clear - as the rumor mill - the iPhone 7 will no longer have minijack connector. Can be both wired and wireless headsets; however, it does not seem so obvious that "give away" a wireless headset with the purchase of iPhone in July.

Another possibility is that the iPhone 7 a normal EarPods and adapter Lightning to minijack be included, being a mess for users to have to carry the adapter always - besides being far removed from the idea of removing the connector to give you an adapter.

Is it a fake?

Video EarPods headphones are a Lightning connection, but can be perfectly chinos headphones that mimic the design of the EarPods. This being a very likely possibility, the video seems to have been recorded in a house and it would be rather strange that you were able to access this gadget and above, take it home.

Video of the Lightning EarPods

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