The Apple Watch 2 could include better battery performance -


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Monday, 29 August 2016

The Apple Watch 2 could include better battery performance

Today photographs of what appear to be batteries that are believed to have been designed for a second generation of Apple Watch 42mm published. Originally images were published by an unnamed source in China Weibo social network and in them fail to see that the small battery shows increased its capacity to 334 mAh.

In comparison, the original Apple Watch is equipped with a 245 mAh battery (42mm version) so it is entirely conceivable that the Apple Watch 2 could provide a few extra hours of battery life.

As mentioned, the original Apple Watch draws power from its nominal battery and 246 mAh 0.94 Wh. The alleged battery Apple battery Watch 2 is seen in the images it has 1.28Wh and 334 mAh. As a final result this gives increased capacity just over 35 percent, which could give the Apple Watch 2 hours of additional battery life.

Moreover, it is believed that the second generation of Apple Watch will have cellular connectivity built in, but this rumor is in doubt because of possible technological complications and limitations of Apple smart watch.

It is also speculated that the Apple Watch 2 also believed to include a GPS module.

Now, we know from experience that the GPS demands a high battery consumption so it is plausible that a more powerful battery no longer really give autonomy to the smartwatch but the change would be aimed to maintain the energy performance of it.

The processor "S2" of the Apple Watch would be manufactured with process technology TSMC 16 nanometer compared with 28 nanometers, the chip "S1" built by Samsung in the first generation smartwatch. This is good news because TSMC technology should produce a smaller, faster chip and consume less power than its predecessor.

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