The Apple Watch 2 will have a much more fine crystal -


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Monday, 1 August 2016

The Apple Watch 2 will have a much more fine crystal

The second - generation Apple Watch will display technology OGS (one glass solution) instead of the G / G (Glass on Glass) technology.

This new technology eliminates one of the layers of glass of a traditional G / G display having two pieces of glass, and replaces one with a finer material.

To change its technology to OGS, the Apple Watch 2 could allow Apple to save a small amount of internal space in the smartwatch to reduce their weight and / or incorporate new hardware, such as a front camera.

The design of the Apple Watch 2 will be slightly different

For those who expected major changes in the design of second-generation Apple Watch, we have to wait at least another year. It seems that Apple, as with the iPhone 7 will not implement a new design in this wearable.

According Digi Times , OGS production of panels for the Apple Watch second generation has had some unexpected technical problems.

"Orders for touchpads iPhone continue to decline, and Apple will change the technology of G / G OGS in the new Apple Watch, which could be launched in the second half of 2016. The change of panels presented technological difficulties unexpected."

It is expected that the Apple Watch 2 have front camera, GPS and water resistance . On the other hand, various sources indicate that the new wearable will come in autumn , and that their screens are Micro-LED .

Apple may present its new second generation smartwatch next to the iPhone 7 in a Keynote on 4-7 of September.

For those who decided to wait, the Apple Watch 2 could be a great option for a decent smartwatch this year. Personally, I tend not to buy the first models of each Apple product, as technology advances by leaps and bounds and upcoming models will feature many more features, hardware and features. What do you think? Who purchased the first Apple Watch? Are you happy with your performance? Are you update to Apple Watch 2?

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