The application of the Apple Store is now able to recommend products -


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Friday, 5 August 2016

The application of the Apple Store is now able to recommend products

The official application from the Apple Store has just received a major update for among other innovations, be able to recommend products to users.

Get recommendations and purchase compatible accessories for your Apple products.
Use the Account tab to easily manage your Apple account.

Find out about the workshops and events that will be held in your nearest Apple store.
Find out everything in due time. Then you know when you can spend to pick up an order or when your date begins.

Scan products at any Apple store for information, check the compatibility and pay from the iPhone.
Checks if the products you have added to favorites are available at your nearest Apple store.

How I said, the first novelty we found in this update is that it is now able to recommend the purchase of accessories compatible with our devices.

Similarly, the application also now provides information on the workshops and events held in our nearest Apple Store.

Finally, it has also added the ability to scan products in the Apple Store to get information from it and pay directly from the iPhone.

Apple Store is available free, is universal and compatible with the Apple Watch.

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