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Saturday, 27 August 2016

The Best Alternatives Magic Keyboard for Apple Mac

Late last year along with updating a series of computers all in one iMac Apple introduced the new line of computer accessories, including the new wireless keyboard Magic Keyboard. Updated accessory became more comfortable, more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

The "magic" of an Apple keyboard built-in lithium-ion battery, therefore, interchangeable batteries no longer need, and the device It became one piece and comfortable to use. Magic Keyboard in the body occupies 13% less space on the desktop, and improved the mechanism of the "butterfly" improves the stability of operation of the keys.

Opportunities Keyboard Magic is enough for most tasks Mac users. If the proposal of Apple for some reason you are not satisfied, we propose to consider one of the following options.

Logitech K750

Logitech has made a gift to all Mac users with the launch of a wireless keyboard Wireless Solar Keyboard K750. The unit, made in the style keyboard Apple, are being integrated boast a solar battery to generate electricity to power the unit.

Logitech's assertions, this solar panel provides enough electricity to power the keyboard and never require replacement of the battery power. "Маководы" can use the product in absolute darkness, within three months - is sufficient both the built-in battery power K750.

Satechi BT Wireless Smart Keyboard

Satechi wireless keyboard aims to compete with Apple's decision marks. In addition to the auxiliary digital block and a series of buttons to control the multimedia functions of paired devices, allowing you to connect up to five external devices. By pressing a button you can easily switch between them.

Data exchange is via Bluetooth. Declared range up to 10 meters. The keyboard is powered by two AAA batteries, the burden of which, apparently, enough for 20 to 21 week of use.

Apple Wireless Keyboard

While updating Apple keyboard on selling the previous model Apple Wireless Keyboard is presented. slim keyboard with aluminum body and flat keys cost cheaper than the Magic Keyboard, but has all the advantages of Apple products. The keys separate from each other at an optimal distance and fairly deep during keyboard is ideal for large volumes of work with the text. There are keys for quick control of computer functions, such as brightness, volume, Mission Control and Launchpad.

Anker Ultra Compact

If you are a defense attorney of choice, Anker Ultra is one of those, and playing a very worthy. Out of a total of $ 26 this keyboard can be like black and white. Its keys are a bit slow movement, but are at a comfortable distance. A great advantage of Anker Ultra is that it is easily compatible with many operating systems. According to available information, the battery should last for six months of regular use.

Microsoft Sculpt

Microsoft is known not only for its software products, but hey periphery popular among users. Microsoft Sculpt keyboard meets the needs of most users still can be attributed to the ergonomic, but is more universal, wireless and compact format has the tranquility of the short-stroke keys. The principal paused a moment today the price of the device. Though if desired, the keyboard or the kit can be purchased (on eBay or Amazon).

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