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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

The best tablets in 2016

Buying a tablet is usually not easy, sometimes is a very big expense for a tool that we will use little. So today we will talk about our Top 5 most economical Tablets according to our view. Of course, only we discuss those which despite being not renounce economic power they can offer to be. If you are interested in buying a tablet, maybe some of which we will discuss will be attractive as next acquisition.

Unusual 10X Quad

the first of the low-cost tablets ranking appears in the 5th position of our Top 5 Tablets. The Unusual 10X Quad is a very economical and sufficiently reliable tablet. It is manufactured in Spain and incorporates a quad-core MediaTek processor. As well as a display of 1,024 x 600 pixels resolution. 1 GB of RAM and operating system brings Android version 4.4 KitKat.

At first glance it may seem that your specifications are slightly below market standards. Of course it is, if we demanding and want to spend a little more money. For its strongest point is its very tight price. Making it one of the most popular choices for users looking to buy their first tablet the most economical price. The Unusual 10X Quad is available in a single version with Wi-Fi and 16GB of expandable memory, but for about 100 euros tablet hardly find a better performance.

Its price at Amazon is even cheaper than buying it directly from the manufacturer but sometimes their stock is exhausted.

Galaxy Tab A 9.7 - inch

In the fourth place of our Top 5 Tablets The Galaxy Tab is 9.7. This is a very versatile and functional tablet that hardly disappoint any user. It offers a fairly good technical characteristics. A resolution of 1,024 x 768 pixels. A quad - core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 1.2 GHz and 1.5 GB of RAM. While their main point is that it supports a brand like Samsung. And a first class service. It is also a reliable and fairly light tablet.

Their autonomy consists of 10 hours, the best on the market today. And possibly it is the ideal for families or for those tablet users who are looking to buy their first device. But they want a tablet with good performance that does not involve excessive outlay.

Another advantage that further enhances its value, is that sometimes can be found on Amazon at a cheaper than its list price with VAT or official price most online stores. Although it is also recomensable that you consult your PC Components price because sometimes there are good deals.

iPad Air

In the third place of our Top 5 Tablets is the iPad Air. Following the launch of the iPad Air 2 , iPad Air has lowered its price. With what has greatly improved the value. Without being an economic tablet, this is an excellent buy thanks to its power and stunning design. It has a lightweight and very thin.

His A7 processor gives a great processing capacity to handle applications and next - generation games. And the Retina display is a delight to the eye. By contrast, it does not allow to expand its storage capacity. And it has great connectivity options with other devices.

The iPad Air is still one of the best tablets in terms of technical features and design market. But that comes at a price. And in this case it is high. If you are interested, sometimes you can find on Amazon pccomponentes or a little cheaper than in the store of Apple. Its price is around € 368.21.

BQ Aquaris E10

The first high - performance tablet BQ is an excellent option that could probably be at the top of this ranking. The BQ Aquaris E10 is a 10.1 - inch tablet with a sensational display Full HD 1,920 x 1,200 pixel resolution. At the height of the best brands. 8 processor cores agile and efficient, and two cameras more than enough quality.

It could be something lighter and thinner. But still one of the best opportunities to get for less than 300 euros a tablet of high performance it is. Comparable to other devices that cost almost double.

If you want a powerful tablet to play multimedia content at the most competitive price possible ... The BQ Aquaris E10 is probably the best option. In addition, it is sometimes possible to find it on Amazon even cheaper by buying from the manufacturer. Currently around 200 euros.
Top 5 Tablets with better value 2016

Crowning our Top 5 Tablets is what is probably the best tablet currently available low cost for quality and price. For just over 200 euros will have a tablet with more than adequate facilities that will fulfill your expectations. It could be something lighter and offer higher resolution screen. But for this price few tablets as reliable and complete find.

It incorporates a fantastic 4 - core processor that will make the experience of surfing the internet, watching movies or reading it as smooth as possible. It is also quite clear and easy to use tablet. Ideal for beginners and are still somewhat green in handling these devices.

Unlike the previous model. The BQ Edison 2 Quad Core, have at your disposal several versions that incorporate standard 2 GB of RAM for the same price. And it comes with Android 4.4.

Another good news is that sometimes this tablet Amazon is also cheaper than buying from the manufacturer. But as we said price is about 200 euros.

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