The cyclist in australia skin lost after the explosion of an iPhone 6 in the pocket

Even the most reliable technology they may fail and high quality and proven девайсы sometimes fail. British cyclist Gareth Клиар spoke about the upcoming case. Belonged to him, the iPhone 6 exploded, which received a strong burn.

36-year-old Briton was in australia along Manly Beach in Sydney, when the bike suddenly dropped to his side and his owner has landed on your phone. The man watched the smoke coming pocket. iPhone began to burn, and shorts - melt. With a strong burn cyclist was taken to a local hospital, where they were assisted.

Experts say it is private enterprise is nothing more than an accident that can happen to a person thousand. Too small the probability that the iPhone the coup and the fall may ignite. But this is what happened . As a result of the explosion received a severe burn and lost some skin. Simply he had no luck.

Recall that six months ago discussed the case with all москвичкой, who died allegedly from a smartphone. And in the end it turned out that the cause of death became a bare wire, and teen girl when taking a bath.
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