The first IBM PC turns 35 -


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Saturday, 13 August 2016

The first IBM PC turns 35

Today marks 35 years of a very special day for the world of computing. On August 12, 1981 "he born" the first IBM 5150, which would become the pioneer in the world of personal computers.

At the time this device had an innovative design, a "mind-boggling" for anyone specifications and a price that although it was possible to assume high. Born an era, the arrival of the computer at home.

In the early 80s, few could imagine that someone might need to have a computer at home. Luckily, those people were wrong because evolution has meant the world of information technology in our society is something that has rarely been experienced in the history of mankind. Today, with computers making the leap from our house to our pockets in the form of mobile phone and in the future as wereables a thousand and one ways, think of not having one of these devices we are close seems crazy. .

In 1981, the IBM 5150, IBM PC was the first that came to light. Its price was around $ 1.565. A high price ... but if you moved the equivalent of our time, as it would be the equivalent of about $ 4.150 (approximately 3,705 €). Despite having a price that was not exactly low, the IBM 5150 was small wonder of its time. Able to process large amounts of information, by the standards of the time.

Before the release of this PC, using a computer was something weird ... and especially something expensive. The computers that were used to see prices 9 million and only for continued operation could require up to 60 people. And speaking of space occupied astound us. One of the computers IBM had more than one thousand square meters.

The IBM 5150 came to market with a much smaller dimensions than these monsters. Had 16 KB of RAM, evidently they came without hard drive, but with a capacity to store 256 KB of information. It was accompanied by few peripheral elements that eventually we would well known. A monitor, keyboard, printer, disk drive ...

IBM risky maneuver paid off and around 1983 sales of this personal PC were already quite high ... situation that caused the appearance of other computers of other brands try to compete with IBM PC hegemony.

IBM remained large for many years thanks to this movement, until the shit with the release of Windows ... but that as they say, is another story.

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