The latest beta of iOS 10 adds the feature to delete text faster with 3D Touch -


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Friday, 5 August 2016

The latest beta of iOS 10 adds the feature to delete text faster with 3D Touch

It seems that the launch of the third public beta of iOS 10 includes a small but well appreciated feature that several users who are in possession of an iPhone please them and works on both smartphones Apple with 3D touch and mobile not have it. The owners of an iPhone 6s with the latest beta of iOS installed 10 can press harder on the back button to clear the text more quickly, it is a somewhat simple function, but functional.

The characteristic speed changes depending on the force with which a user presses the back button, as reported in Reddit. People with a device without 3D Touch can still access this feature Quick Erase, but the technology of pressure in current smartphones Apple seems to be more efficient with this new feature.

Recalling that the Cupertino company launched the third public beta of iOS 10 on Tuesday, shortly after releasing the beta version for developers, it seems that this new feature came with the third public beta of iOS 10.


The biggest addition in recent versions of the new operating system for mobile devices seems to be the addition of 100 new emoji, expanding options through races and genders, showing for example athletes in activities such as cycling and weightlifting (weightlifting) . Apple also replaced an image of a firearm by one containing a water pistol, which reflects the general position of Apple against weapons.

The final version of iOS 10 will probably come next month, after the presentation of the iPhone 7, which could be as early as September 16, if the rumors are correct.

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