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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

The Samsung Galaxy S8 would only Edge, without flat version

Samsung is one of those companies able to evolve within the mobile domain to become a reference in its own right. It can be blamed inspiration in other brands at the beginning of his career (needless to say names), but it is undeniable that now takes innovation hand. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a good example of this.

I ask this question: what is the highlight in designing the latest Samsung Galaxy? It is clear: the curve or Edge screen. Emerged as an experiment in the variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge (formerly experienced with the Samsung Galaxy Round ), and coming- out with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, this hallmark is part of the more popular version of the mobile brand. But what if the next Samsung Galaxy S8 only come in Edge version?

Although it is only a rumor, the next Samsung Galaxy S8 model may lack "flat" 

How about you could only buy the Samsung Galaxy S8 with the curved screen? Having two different versions is hallmark from the S6, but there are notable differences in critical and sales for each version. According to Strategy Analitycs , the Samsung Galaxy S7 Android Mobile Edge is the best - selling first half of 2016 with 13.3 million distributed units; more than the model "flat" or flat screen 1.5 million.

    Numbers do not lie: the Samsung Galaxy S7 Mobile Edge is the best-selling Android 

The curve interests rather than completely flat screen, it is a fact; although it is not clear that this preference is important enough for the Edge model is the only option in the next Samsung Galaxy S8. Beyond personal opinions and not be strange that Samsung reservase her curves for the choicest of its catalog displays.

Samsung refined the Edge range to make is comfortable in the hand, reduced dimensions and getting the image rests with edged to greater continuity on the screen. It also has its disadvantages, such as the "deformity" of that image on the edges or, as I said before, the little excuse which holds the functional design; but you can not deny the obvious: it is distinctive.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 indicates the trend: only curved model 

Samsung made tremendous efforts in their manufacturing lines AMOLED panels Edge, a sign that the curve is here to stay. Another sign is the maintenance Note model with Edge version exclusively. So why not extend this trend to the best of your catalog? The rumor indicates this. And there are words of the company itself.

According Koh Dong-jin, president of Samsung's mobile division:

    "Samsung has considered that curve will display the identity of the line Samsung Galaxy S" 

Edge is already a benchmark in the Samsung Galaxy S. What needs to happen for that desire to "identity" materializes? The most logical thing is that there is only the curve option next Galaxy S. Since this type of display are ripe, and the manufacturer's been successfully tested on all models, its exclusivity could perfectly with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8.
Elegant design, but many users would stay on the road

I arrive at the most delicate point of the question. Personally, I find more attractive curved model if only because it is distinguished from the rest; but I have met with more than one person out any version other than flat screen. ¿Would cause a drop in sales that did not exist model "flat"? Very good question that is sure Samsung executives made.

What do you say? Would you buy the Samsung Galaxy Edge S8 if Edge had only version or not convince you finish this type of display? So it seems, in 2017 are curves. 

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