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Friday, 12 August 2016

These are the best Maps for Pokémon GO

Are you tired of you always come out the same pokémon to catch? Do not you get yourself with missing you? Due to the great success of Pokémon GO among users soon come to light the first maps to help capture them all, and today three of the best options you can find today we bring.

Recently also we talked you the Poke Radar, a map that is available in both web version and application form on the App Store . But this time we bring you three different, so you have more variety to choose from and make the one you like.

After the last update of Pokémon GO appears that Niantic has solved the problems with the radar to find pokémon, which now has two functions, one that shows those who are close to you and another which appear near a pokeparada. However, how often has operated the radar while playing?

What you can not escape any pokémon thanks to these maps!

Thanks to these maps you can capture new Pokémon and avoid taking them over and over again. And the truth is that it is increasingly common to see how one of these maps has become a top aide to play Pokémon GO.


PokeMap allow you to find nearby pokémon directly in the game without having to download an additional app in the App Store. To achieve this you need the tweak "Pokemon Lock" from the repo in Cydia Ziph0n and once installed the game to open a new map button to use it appear.


You do not have an iPhone with Jailbreak? Do not worry, because in the App Store you can find PokeWhere, an application that offers information on pokémon Pokémon GO's in real time.

This application will show the location of the pokémon in real time, but the downside is that it is not integrated into the game, but you have to go alternating between PokeWhere and Pokémon GO.

Go Radar

Another option for playing Pokémon GO from an iPhone without Jailbreak is Go Radar. With this map you can track any Pokémon throughout the world also it does not require that you sign and you can get on the App Store, but if you prefer you can opt for the web version.

Pokémon GO

And you, how about you take your career to become a master Pokemon? Have you laid hold of any of these maps to make any of the missing you?

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