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Monday, 8 August 2016

Three models appear in iPhone 7 New Video 4K

They are increasingly appearing rumors about the iPhone 7 and no wonder, since we are only a few weeks that Apple officially present. A few days ago we saw a supposed iPhone screen 7 which did not match previous rumors and now has appeared a video in 4K where you can see three different models of the future Apple smartphone.

We started strong week as if this morning we talked about the possible features of Apple Watch 2 now we must add this new iPhone 7. filtration has recently come to light as 4K video in which three models appear different models of iPhone 7 of which you speak in more detail below.

The video shows a model 4.7-inch and two 5.5-inch

In this video three different models of iPhone are 7. One would match the 4.7 - inch model, while the other two would be 5.5 - inch model.

There would be a clear difference between those two 5.5 - inch iPhone 7, and is that one of them would have a conventional camera like the 4.7 - inch model. On the other hand, the other model would have a dual-lens camera, which takes rumored for several months ago.

If we look back to remember that it is not the first time we talk about the possibility of Apple to release two different versions of the iPhone 7 5.5 - inch screen. The 5.5-inch model with a conventional camera photos would be called iPhone 7 Plus, while the model with dual lens camera would be called iPhone Pro.

The three models of the iPhone in July in the video also in different colors, all available in the current iPhone 6s. On the other hand, another highlight of this video is the Smart Connector, as there are rumors that the iPhone Pro will come with this connector, although the video no sign of him.

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