Top 10 Cydia Sources/Repository For iOS 9.3.3 - 2016 -


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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Top 10 Cydia Sources/Repository For iOS 9.3.3 - 2016

Apple continues to develop its mobile iOS, add new features and functions, but users do not wish to be bound allowed by the origin, not less. Jailbreak collective intelligence-community, not chained within the App Store, it generates more innovative and long term solutions.

IOS users felt inspired by the desire to have access to alternative sources. In the informal economy Cydia available several useful of repositories. Add new very simple, just open the program Sources section, click edit and enter the address of the repository.

Today in our top 10 third party repositories with the most interesting additions review. For those user settings and are willing to modify their iPhone and iPad via jailbreak.

Ryan repository, Petric

Ryan Petrich - better known in the jailbreak-fico informal iOS application developer. He has created such features as activator, DisplayRecorder and OverBoard. And any developer for iOS, has its own warehouse in which a test version of its software is presented.

Address -

The repository iCleaner Pro

During the download and use applications on the iPhone and iPad, changes occur at the system level. And not always these changes are reflected in a positive way in the operating system performance. Improve the working efficiency of gadgets called iCleaner Pro. Very powerful software package with a cleaning capacity "junk" operating system, located on the same in the Russian language.

Address - (stable)

Address - (beta)

Karen repository Pineapple

Karen or angelXwind - also known in the jailbreak community developer. It has published a series of solutions for fans of олдскульных consoles. They appreciate especially lovers original Duke Nukem, Mario and other popular characters and toys. In addition, the repository developer, you can find settings Unified AppSync, SafariSaver, PreferenceOrganizer 2 and IneffectivePower.

Address - 

Forty Six & Two Repo

In this action a couple of accessories, including Hapticle is also presented. This add mimics the old iPhone operating mode Taptic linear drive engine on the iPhone 6s.

Address -

Hashbang Productions

Many collect repository development, to expand the functionality of iOS. The repository Hashbang - visual accessories store. With their help you can change the layout, animation and some interface elements of iOS. Among the solutions that are compatible with iOS 9 you can be called StoreAlert, MapsOpener, DailyPaper and BrightVol.

The address

The repository iMokhles

This source can be found jailbreak-TWIC RevealMenu, which reproduces in the case of 3D gadgets Touch function. Just great reason to add in Cydia repository.

Address -

CP Digital Darkroom Repo

If you believe unfair that the multi mode is only available on the iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4 and iPad Pro, this repository for you. Here you can find jailbreak-extension of the Medusa, which allows you to transfer all iPad multitasking possibilities officially unsupported device. The advantages of многооконного mode flagship tablets are available in other older models iPad, as the first iPad Air, iPad mini 3 and iPad, even iPad mini 2/3/4 and first and second generation. In addition, this твиком this function can be used on the iPhone.

Address -

The developer Philip Wong

Philip wong - a famous name in the jailbreak of their environment. It is one of the first supported the launch of iOS jailbreak updated 9 and popular jailbreak-Speed ​​Intensifier addon for the acceleration of the animation in the iPhone and iPad.

Address -

F. repository lux

Here's TWIC, which aims to reduce the burden on the eyes and prevent the user's vision to work with the iPhone and iPad. F. lux changes the color temperature of the screen depending on time of day (with a warm night before normal during the day). Set the desired for the day and night and TWIC automatically adjust the temperature of the screen of your iOS device settings.

Address - 

Repository Coolstar

The repository - an excellent source of new developments and applications programs. Here you can find a number of solutions to work with the command line, and is also useful adjunct RecordMyScreen for recording screenshots. The video is written in MP4 format with a frequency of up to 30 frames per second. The main difference твика Screen Recorder - free and support for hardware acceleration coding.

Address -

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