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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Top 10 Games For iOS

If there is something fascinating to watch a horror movie or enjoy a good game of this subject it is that it is well done and that can create that feeling of terror in the viewer or user. A frantic experience that makes them feel that we are exposed to a or something supernatural danger lurks.

Well, today in the App Store you can find some very good horror - themed games that introduce the user in a supernatural story more than once will make you jump off the couch. Yes, subject either the iPhone or iPad, do not be that you go to fall fright!

Horror games for iOS

Getting a horror experience on the iPhone or iPad is now easier than ever, so do not entertain us and we will show you a small collection with the most terrifying titles in the App Store. Let's go there!

You will die of fear with these amazing games for iPhone and iPad!

The School: White Day

The classic horror game back 3D graphics to enjoy the most of it. It is an adaptation of the PC game of the same name, has an oriental spirit and focuses on a riddled with myths and urban legends institute.

One Late Night

Search for clues in an office full of mysteries and unexpected events that will give you more of a jump on the couch. Like the previous, One Late Night is also an adaptation of the PC game, a title that has been very successful throughout the world.

IV Mental Hospital

A dark and strident asylum is a place quite resorted to the horror genre, but that does not make this game any less creepy. Mental Hospital IV continues the story of the three previous games with a great deal of terror in which you will live in first person experience of a survivor browser.

Lost Within

A game in which tension and excitement go hand in hand. Lost Within has a gripping story from the outset, no doubt one of the best horror titles that can currently be found in the App Store.


Knock-knock is not a scary game so to speak, but is rather mysterious. In it you will have to try to keep the house in good condition, repair damage that an unknown being made ​​on it during the night, and to survive in the evenings will have to find clues about what threatens the house.

year Walk

This is a game in first person something different than what you're used to seeing. In it the line between two and three dimensions is blurred and difficult to distinguish between reality and the supernatural. Enters dark woods set in the nineteenth century Sweden where strange creatures live and where you have to solve different puzzles.

Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities

Homage to classic horror games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil, but with a jarring angle of vision without great controls. You'll have to solve puzzles, investigate the land and survive the attacks of monsters.

Fran Bow

Fran Bow is a horror and adventure game in which the story of Fran, a girl struggling with a mental disorder and unfair destination account. His parents died in a tragic mysterious event and because of that ends up living in a mental hospital, where all the adventure begins.

These are just some of the horror games you can find in the App Store for iOS devices. Remember that you can find in the app store, but these are some of the best currently on it.

So if you like this kind of horror-themed games we invite you to try any of them, you certainly will not disappoint. Already you just have to sit and enjoy some of the scariest!

For you, what is your favorite horror game for iOS? Tell us about it in the comments!

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