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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Top 10 iTunes Facts You Need to Know

16 years ago at the fair Macworld 2001 in San Francisco, Apple introduced the first version of iTunes in a company with iDVD and equipped with CD-RW drives "повермаками". The program did not become an instant hit, although in the first week 275,000 copies загруженно, however, "the best and the simplest music player in the world" has given a new bar for quality players music. Since then, the device has become the most popular tool for work with multimedia content, users of iPhone, iPad and iPad.

In recent years around iTunes it has formed a set of myths and legends. It is considered that without the iTunes simply can not. They say it is complex, strange program. And even supposedly it is because iTunes iPhone users refuse. The author of Mobile Review called 10 Facts on a food processor Apple should consider.

Top 10 iTunes Facts You Need to Know

1. iTunes can be used cordlessly 

A long time ago I used iTunes very often, the need to connect the phone cable to create backup music download. This was at a time when normal (to emphasize that - normal) backups Android only dreamed Google guys. Since then many complained that the strange iTunes, and even then was incomprehensible, but what's wrong with normal backups and fast data transfer. Without further ado, after a while, the need for a wired connection is lost for creating backup and data transfer is used / uses Wi-Fi. And it goes fast!

2. iTunes is not required to backup iPhone and iPad 

To create a backup to iTunes iOS devices you do not need anything. So, if someone somewhere will remember iTunes now - then the man does not understand what happens around him. Backups of all the gadgets themselves are stored in iCloud. When this plan 200GB costs 149 rubles per month, 1 tb - 599 rubles per month.

3. Easy to carry files in the iPhone and iPad

In iOS, music, videos, or other data need to go through iTunes directly into the program. For example, there is a wonderful AVPlayer, many years ago, is the best video player worth have in the iPad and the iPhone. To display the serial airplane, it is necessary to connect the wired tablet, open iTunes, go through the path of Unit / Program, go to the bottom of the window, select the AVPlayer, add folders to wait until they are loaded. Here are the same folders on the player, the program reads almost all formats

4. The best solution for cataloging data

Done so far and for Mac is invented is not much explanatory program for the conservation, cataloging, playing music tracks. In my arsenal of two of these, it is the iTunes, Vox and all.

5. The best audio player

There is still Apple Music, great music service that works in iTunes, - excellent batteries, radio, Connect with information other than the executors, the music store with a large library, what's wrong with that? iTunes = Music, has been since the time of the appearance of programs, ie now. A bad player? Well, good show with those options separately, there are a lot of things, but all in one, all to меломана, this is only found here.

6. Problems with synchronization of movies

So far I can not understand as I do for the purchased on the Apple TV movie not go directly to the portable machine, memory and so do not have to periodically manually cleaning the corresponding section in iTunes. Well, ten to twenty tapes, and if a hundred? You can make some adjustment, supposedly, dear man, do I have up on the laptop I bought in another movie or not? Or see only where you bought? Here are always imperfections, I do not argue.

7. Using iTunes, simply

For the beginner iTunes appears very beautiful and blank program - but it is not. With the switch top left, you can go quickly to music, movies, series or podcast, in the center - category, good and overall experience, click buttons, one gets used. I mean in the iTunes interface has nothing wrong - it was much worse before! The important thing is to test, a habit appears.

8. Without playlists can live

For me the most convenient way lately - or turn on the radio in Apple Music, SoundCloud or enter in the browser, in both cases, you can send audio to speakers Bluetooth, AirPlay or through Google Cast. No ordinations! But for fans of another method, the iTunes may be different from the library at all times, at least because Apple seriously charge of conservation, migration of data.

9. Easy to use tool for podcasts

This is what still needs huge love iTunes podcast directories for all tastes, all stored here, and I often hear some editing, making a daily work routine.

10. The multitude of hidden options

In iTunes there are many invisible functions. For example, Advanced цензурирования delight parents, playlists for movies, cell phones, support for AirPlay features, there is an equalizer for audiophiles.

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