Top Cydia Tweaks You Should Install On Your iOS 9.3.3 Device Right Now -


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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Top Cydia Tweaks You Should Install On Your iOS 9.3.3 Device Right Now

Top Cydia Tweaks You Should Install On Your iOS 9 Device Right Now - 2016 Compatible With iOS 9.3.3


With Airscan you can scan nearby WiFi network by running the airscan -h command in a MobileTerminal.

BackupAZ 2

BackupAZ 2 is a backup tool for jailbroken devices that allows them to backup Cydia sources, installed packages, tweak settings as well as notes, contacts, call history and more. It is available for BackupAZ 2


BadgeCleaner removes the notification badge from an icon as soon as you launch it. It is available for free.

Controllers For All

Controllers For All allows users to play games on their iPhone or iPad using third-party controllers. This also includes console controllers. Controllers for All is available for $2.99.

Cercube 3

Cercube 3 is a must have Youtube app tweak that allows users to download videos, download audio from their favorite video and export to Music library, disable ads, enable 1080p videos and enable background audio. It is available for free.

Delete Contact

Delete Contact is a free tweak that makes it easier for users to delete a contact from the Contacts app.

iKeywi 3

iKeywi 3 tweak adds an extra row of icons that contain characters of user’s choice such as special characters or numbers. iKeywi 3 is available for $1.99.

Icon Finder

Icon Finder lets you locate where an app’s icon is stored on the homescreen from the Spotlight. It is available for free.


OnlineNotify will let you know when someone becomes online or offline on WhatsApp by sending you a notification. It is available for $1.99.


With PhotoRes you can choose the resolution and aspect ratio at which your photos will be taken. It is available for free.


Privacy is a big concern for iOS users who have to share their iOS devices with others. Sure you can put a passcode or fingerprint lock on the device, but there’s no protection once you unlock your iPhone and hand it over to someone else. And we have all got friends who wouldn’t stop asking for our devices when their own phone runs out of battery. 3DAppLock brings an easy solution by allowing you to put a Touch ID lock on any app by simply force tapping on it. From the app’s 3D Touch menu you can lock it, and then to unlock it you have to scan your fingerprint.

While 3DAppLock works naturally on iPhone 6s, older device users can use hacks like RevealMenu to enable 3D Touch gestures and then use 3DAppLock. Users can also enter password to unlock the app. Once an app is locked, it can only be unlocked with fingerprint scan or entering the password, and cannot be accessed through Spotlight, Siri or any other means. You can download 3DAppLock tweak from Cydia for $1.49.

Copic 2

Copic 2 tweak adds contact photos for your contact list everywhere on iOS. This means you will see contact photos with those accounts that have display pictures on Contacts list page, FaceTime page, Messages app, Phone apps and even Mail. The tweak also shows contact photos on the Lockscreen and the Notification Center. Those accounts that don’t have contact photos will either display alphabets or placeholder images of different colors. Copic 2 also works with WhatsApp and the Recents 2 tweak. You can download Copic 2 from Cydia for free.


Talus is a shortcut widget that lets you perform different tasks with ease using gestures and buttons. With Talus you can quickly create notes, search on Google, launch compose screen for Messages, Twitter etc, control music, adjust brightness and volume and much more. It also features those respring and reboot buttons too. You can download Talus from Cydia for $1.99.

SnakeBite 2

We have covered SnakeBite before and now that it has received an update we thought we would mention it again for those who didn’t read our previous coverage of it. Snakebite 2 builds on the original version and adds new features like Live Previews, that allow users to see what’s going in their apps. SnakeBite 2 is basically an app launcher that can be accessed with 3D Touch. You can have your favorite or recently opened apps in the sidebar and access them quickly from anywhere. Snakebite 2 is available for $1.49 in Cydia.


PkgBackup lets you create backups and later restore packages, preferences and springboard files on your jailbroken device. It is available for $9.99.

StopAlarm iOS 8+

StopAlarm tweak allows users to snooze or stop their alarms right from the lockscreen without unlock their device.


SleepFX tweak adds animated affects that appear when you put your device to sleep. Effects include split columns, spin, suck and more. You can also customize effects and change their speed, sound etc. SleepFX is available for $4.99.

SwitcherTweak Pro

SwitcherTweak Pro allows users to change the app switcher such as change its scroll direction, disable blur, make icons round and more.  It is available for $0.99.


Splitify If you are an iPad user who wants to have the split screen feature on the iPhone, then the Splitify tweak can help. It is available for free.

Tap to Translate

Tap to Translate brings Android like Google Translate feature to iOS, that allows users to translate text in any language without leaving the app they are using. It is available for free.

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