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Saturday, 6 August 2016

Top New iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak Tweaks of week

Anilaunch ($1.49): animates your Home screen app icons as you scroll through different pages.
Aporeo (Free): enables Low Power mode while your iPhone is plugged in so that it charges faster.

Top New iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak Tweaks of week

BatteryFlow (Free): allows you to customize the Low Battery alerts on your iPhone.
Beep Beep (Free): choose an action that takes place when you plug in your device to the charger.
BootSound (Free): plays a sound as soon as your device boots up.
BrowserTabs ($1.49): use custom gestures to switch between different tabs and access your favorite or frequently visited sites.
ByPass (Free): skip the Lock screen passcode by using an Activator action.
CameraTweak 4 ($1.49): brings a bunch of new features to the stock Camera app.
ClassicFolders (Free): lets you enjoy the classic iOS 6 folder style on your device. 
ColorFlow 2 ($1.99): colorizes the Music app, Lock screen and Spotify app based on the album artwork of the currently playing song.
Decorous ($0.99): brings iOS 10-styled Control Center to iOS 9.
Depthicons ($2.99): brings parallax effect to Home screen app icons.
DisturbPlease ($1.99): notifies you of SMS, MMS or iMessage received from a select group of contacts when Do Not Disturb mode is enabled.
Emojiant (Free): brings iOS 10-styled giant Emojis to iOS 9 Messages.
Exsto ($0.99): provides a quick way of launching apps from Home screen folders. 
Flyer (Free): replaces the Send button in Message app with an airplane icon.
HapticFeedback (Free): provides tactile feedback when you type on the iOS keyboard.
Imageboard (Free): use a custom image as your keyboard background.
iOS 10 Emojis (Free): brings the new Emoji collection from iOS 10 beta 4 to your iOS 9.3 device. The package can be installed from the following
Kairos ($1.99): schedule an SMS or iMessage to be sent at a later time.
NudeKeys (Free): allows you to customize the color of the stock iOS keyboard.
Resero 9 (Free): shrinks down the banner notifications to the size of the Status bar.
SmartTap (Free): unlock your iPhone by double tapping on the screen.
Snakebite 2 ($1.50): displays live preview of apps running in the background with 3D Touch.
Spin ($0.99): changes the music interface on the Lock screen to a circular one.
These are some of the best new jailbreak tweaks released for iOS 9.3.3.

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