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Monday, 15 August 2016

Tutorial: How to unban Pokémon GO banned account

If you use third - party tools to falsify Pokémon GO GPS or teleport to another place most likely you acabéis are banned, but fortunately, thanks to a few simple steps can unban any account.

Before continuing, I would like to make it clear that from EstudioiPhone not support the use of third - party tools in Pokémon GO, so we only publish the tutorial for all that ye may be able to recover your account used and legally continue playing.

How to unban an account in Pokémon GO

If you have been banned you may have noticed that you can access the game without problems, but nevertheless, you can not use any Poképarada, fight or capture wild Pokémon Gyms, so you will pass to be mere spectators.

Well, if that is your case, you can reuse your account after the following steps:

  • Attend a Poképarada and select it.
  • Slide the Poképarada to one side.
Note: You will not receive anything because the account has been banned.
  • Close the Poképarada.
  • Select Poképarada again and repeat steps 40 times.
Note: Normally works between 35-40 times, so just you have to stay calm.
  • After repeating the steps 40 times you'll see how you come to receive objects Poképarada.
  • Congratulations, your account has been desbaneada.
Moreover, it is important to make clear that it is likely to Niantic already aware of this, so it would be logical to think that soon will no longer be possible.

Thus, I repeat that after your account is not unban you return to use any third - party tool, at least if you want to continue enjoying the game without any problem.

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