Twitter updates its application implementing new features -


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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Twitter updates its application implementing new features

Twitter continues to add new features to enable users to control and personalize your experience on the social network since in yesterday announced a new notification settings and a quality filter.

Updating the Twitter app with the version number 6.6 is now available for iOS, the new quality content switch allows you to optionally eliminate lower quality tweets in your feed, in notifications, etc; to improve your experience on Twitter.

"No filters the content of people you follow or accounts that have recently interacted and depending on your preferences, you can re-enable or disable the notification settings" she warned the service.

Twitter began experimenting with the filter quality last year and is now bringing this feature to everyone. After enabling the notifications feature -> Settings -> quality filter, duplicate tweets and things like that seem to be automated and will not be shown as notifications, not even appear on Twitter, from the mobile application and website.

If you prefer not to see notifications from around the world, finally you can limit alerts people to follow a new switch configuration. Incidentally, the notification settings is now easier to access directly from the Notification tab of the application.

For these new features, you must update your copy of Twitter for iOS to version 6.6 from the App Store.

Now you can enjoy a clean feed your Twitter account to give greater importance to the tweets of interest and put aside once and for all the classic spam messages that until today seemed unbeatable on the platform. The app's can download for free from the App Store.

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