USB technology type C will be the new standard for digital audio -


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Thursday, 18 August 2016

USB technology type C will be the new standard for digital audio

Most reports and rumors revolve around the iPhone 7 make clear the possibility that Apple remove the classic mini jack headphone jack and replace it by a lightning type connector. Still, Intel maintains its position that the USB Type C will be the future standard for digital audio.

Earlier this year there was an event where, Intel introduced the USB type C as a new standard for digital audio, in addition to addressing specifications of this type of technology. This technology would allow enhanced power management USB headphone, among other things.

Also this week, Intel architect, Brad Saunders, unveiled more details about the technology USB connection type C applied to digital audio in the event of FDI.

Meanwhile, the Cupertino company has adopted the USB-C in the 12 - inch MacBook, but it is expected that new iPhones continue to have the Lightning connector (Apple technology itself) instead of the open standard.

Meanwhile, the USB type C, each time remains the most popular applied based on Android, not to mention the Chinese smartphones smartphones option.

Apple has equipped its mobile devices with proprietary connectors for more than a decade, including the 30-pin dock connector used for models of iPhone, iPad and iPod between 2003 and 2012. Apple notebooks, MacBook beyond 12 inches, have a MagSafe connector to charge (exclusive technology Apple).

Therefore, Apple is likely to continue for the lightning over the USB-C, at least so far.

The USB Type C technology, increasingly appears to be emerging as the new standard not only for data transfer, but as the standard digital audio.

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