Using "Turbo Boost Switcher" to disable or enable the Turbo Boost on Mac OS X -


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Monday, 8 August 2016

Using "Turbo Boost Switcher" to disable or enable the Turbo Boost on Mac OS X

Many modern Macs have processors that include a feature called "Turbo Boost", this feature allows a processor to temporarily run above its standard clock rate when the operating system requires. Turbo Boost feature can accelerate the performance of a Mac but can also lead to increased energy use, which means a MacBook battery is consumed faster.

To perform this task, use a Mac tool third called "Turbo Boost Switcher for OS X" which is compatible with OS X El Capitan but not MacOS Sierra, this application also requires a CPU modern Mac as a Core i5 or Core i7. The utility is loading and unloading of kernel extensions to force the use of TurboBoost from an element located in the menu bar.

Novice Mac users should not use this application. Due to the nature of the modification of a kernel extension, you should make a backup to your Mac before using any utility as Turbo Boost Switcher for OS X.

Using "Turbo Boost Switcher" to disable Turbo Boost on Mac OS X

  • Go to to download TurboBoost Switcher (there is a free and paid version), you'll need to bypass Gatekeeper to run the tool.
  • Once you've launched Turbo Boost Switcher, you will find the item in the menu bar in Mac OS X, which is where you can turn off or on the unay feature again, displays the menu and select "Disable Turbo Boost" to disable feature on the Mac.

Give administrator rights to complete the disabling Turbo Boost on the Mac.

This feature is very useful if you want to choose between maintaining a long battery life, or achieve high system performance.

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