VolBrigth, adjust the brightness using the volume buttons (Cydia)

Today I want to talk about VolBrigth, a new tweak in Cydia appeared to adjust the brightness using the volume buttons on the device.

How well you will know all of you, by default located on the side of our devices exclusively buttons are used to adjust the system volume, but thanks to VolBrigth can give another use.

As I said, the tweak allows you to use the volume buttons to adjust the brightness change, but how we adjust the volume? Very simple, using the lever of silence.

In addition, the tweak can be configured from the Settings menu, where you can choose what action we want to perform depending on whether the lever is silent on or off.

In short, we have a tweak that for many of you can be quite useful, so if you have done jailbreak your device do not hesitate to try it .

Name: VolBrigth
Compatibility: iOS 9
Price: Free
Repository: BigBoss

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