We are introducing the bands for the Apple Watch of the nations participating in the Olympic Games

Accessories company, Casetify, has launched a collection of Apple Watch bands with the respective flags of the countries competing in the Olympic Games Rio 2016. The offer is inspired Casetify following that Apple is selling bands with colors of flags national, but only in Brazil.

Casetify offer is available worldwide, although they are slightly different from Apple bands. Olympic Apple offers bands are bands of woven nylon, as originally introduced earlier this year, while Caseifty bands, are made of a soft material polycarbonate.

Apple is selling sports bands with the national colors of 14 different countries competing in the Olympic Games, while Casetify is a bit more inclusive and adds 16 different countries. Overall, Casetify offers 20 bands, including one called "world flags" that looks a handful flags of different countries.

Apple Watch

Bands in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Scotland, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Argentina and Brazil are included. Also, there are other variations in the national colors available.

The company also sells protectors smartphone colors of national flags participating in the Olympic Games.

Casetify is supplying sports bands to those who are not in Brazil to witness the Olympics. Today, resellers are offering the official Apple bands colorful national flags on eBay for a higher price.

Olympic Casetify capsule collection is available on its website . Apple Watch bands are available in 38mm and 42mm sizes for $ 49, while guards smartphone $ 40.
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