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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

We could face a shortage iPhone 7 to top

 It seems that behind the scenes, things are not going way too good for Apple because with the increasingly beleaguer filing date iPhone 7 providers are forced to work overtime to meet the high demand that you may have the device . And that's not all, as some providers are having big problems with defective camera modules and waterproof speakers for months.

As a result, customers may initially face a shortage of iPhone units in July as suppliers walk having performance problems with some of the elements of the device, except that it seems that the Cupertino company will have to cope with shortages supplies.

"Apple must face a shortage of supply for the new iPhone model that will be released soon, due to problems with defective components," as cited by one of the sources. If only one component of the iPhone can not be produced in volume, the production and assembly lines will be severely delayed.

The manufacturer Pegatron iPhones and other providers have been under pressure to reduce their budgets for iPhone parts 7, which apparently refused to do so.

In manufacturing, the yield rate tells how many salable units a client (Apple) receives the end of the production process. In addition to incurring higher costs for manufacturers, low yields often hamper their ability to supply the volume of product to the customer.

Therefore, if the Cupertino company sticks to its release schedule last year, it may not be sufficient supply at first.

Apparently next smartphone providers Apple are trying to fix their low yields right now, to meet the agreed stock and delivery date.

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