What you do with your broken Chargers iPhone or iPad? Replaced or repaired?

Have an iPhone with damaged charger cable is very annoying, not only because it becomes extremely delicate because it often stops working.

If the iPhone charger is broken, you should try to fix it or should I just replace it?

For a broken, torn, cut, frayed or damaged load cable could be a danger, it is best to replace it. You can get a cheap replacement on Amazon or any other online store.

While you're waiting to get your new cable lightning load, you may want to try and get the cable damaged run until it reaches the replacement part. So before throwing a broken away iPhone charger, you can consider a temporary fix that might prolong its life a little.
Repair iPhone charger with duct tape

If not, the old duct tape, saving us from trouble. And yes, you can repair the charger from your device with some tape, somewhat cumbersome, but functional.

Despite being a simple solution, it is not foolproof nor perfect, nor should rely on this for longer than you need, but you can certainly function as a temporary fix or workaround until you can replace the cable.

If you want a reliable repair, you would require of tweezers, a welder, a rubber sleeve parts and a little patience and electrical knowledge.
If the tape is not the solution, replace the broken iPhone Charger

try not to use the charging cable damaged for a long time, because it is very possible that spoil your iPhone.

USB cables for iPhone and iPad are on Amazon and other stores at low prices, with a relatively short delivery and represent a perfectly satisfactory choice if you do not want to pay a high price for an official Apple cable.

What you do with your broken Chargers iPhone or iPad? ¿Replaced or repaired?

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