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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Whatsapp finally allows you to send GIFs

It was what everyone expected as if it were the second coming of Christ. Telegram permitted, permitted Messenger and most of its competitors. Users claimed him and just missing mass demonstrations in the streets. Finally, WhatsApp lets you send gifs in its latest beta.

However it is not yet what we all want , which is sent from our gallery the facepalms Jean Luc Picard, but allowing us to do is record a video, before sending it , turn it into a gif. Okay, not bad, not what we want, but it is a small step in that direction.

How to send GIFs by Whatsapp

To do this, we must complete the following steps:

  • Enter the conversation that we want to send the gif
  • Click on attach
  • Pressing on camera
  • Choose the video option
  • Record a clip and click on OK
  • On the screen you can trim the video, click on the camera in the upper right corner and the label will change from one camera to the word GIF
  • Submit

GIFs sent last a maximum of 6 seconds, enough time for most GIFs. If you want to send a prerecorded GIF, so we have to do is attach the video (as they are stored as such) and once selected, convert it back to GIF before shipping.

Also, if then we share it, this will be exported to MP4. For now, the option to attach a gif from our gallery does not work, but if Whatsapp and allows sending gifs, surely that will soon reach this option you can convert your group into something even scarier than they are already .

You can download the latest beta of WhatsApp from here:

Download WhatsApp beta

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