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Friday, 5 August 2016

Why iOS10 is the best Mobile Operating System World?

The interesting new features introduced in iOS 10 make the iOS 9 release and other OS like Android are a child 's toy. Apple has renewed and / or upgraded their services messages , Siri , Apple Music ; and it has implemented changes in the Control Center , in the Notification Center in Lock Screen and the Widgets .

Obviously, there are always things to improve in iOS 10 and details to polish. Like, for example, these changes in the Control Center to make it more functional and complete ...

But there are many other new IOS 10 have become the best mobile operating system in the world. Here are the features and benefits which, we believe, that far exceeds iOS 10 Android and any other operating system.


The native instant messaging application iOS 10 brings all sorts of new features. Apple has introduced features that let ridiculing other messaging apps like Messenger, WhatsApp or Skype.

  • Emojificación: Predicting Emoji keyboard in iOS QuickType 10.
  • Invisible messages: Shipping and decrypting secret messages and images.
  • Emojis giants: Shipping Emoji up to 3 times larger.
  • TapBack: instant reactions to messages received through taps.
  • Digital Touch: Sending pictures and texts line by line.
  • Enriched links: Thumbnails and video playback for links.
  • Effects chat Animations cinematic effects with dynamic messages.
  • Integration in the App Store: Download apps to send Stickers, Emojis, GIFs, bank transfers and more.

As you can see, the app HOUSEWARES not only provides a reason to change messaging app but a few. Touch functions as Digital Effects chat, or invisible messages are not available in other apps even within a long time.

Raise to Wake

We continue with a fairly simple functionality at the same time quite useful. This is Raise to Wake, a novelty introduced in iOS 10 which allows users to turn (though not unlock) the screen to boost your iPhone with a simple movement of your hands.

Control center

Although it has some points to improve, now the Control Center has a more organized, clean and concise design. Some elements have been repositioned and Control Center buttons, and added new panels for HomeKit and Music.

Lock screen

In the iOS lock screen 10 Apple has implemented significant changes that allow users to access more features more content and interact with the user interface. By sliding your finger on the lock screen users can access and view your information widgets, also can use the Quick Response to read full conversations and see more content apps without unlocking the iPhone / iPad.

Of course, there are many more features and characteristics that make iOS 10 to be the best operating system, and we will present them on our blog gradually until the official launch of iOS 10 in September.

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