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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Why the iPad is better than any other tablet on Windows

Microsoft dreams of creating a single system for tablet pc and crash onto the hard reality. But the company still believes in the best. Edition of Life in the example of the next "murderers" iPad Pro - premium Huawei Matebook - revealed why tablets based on Windows 10 little chance against Apple devices.

Compare Windows tablets with the iPad and difficult. Because in the daily work of the operating system and applications much more important features of a specific device.

Key dignity of iOS - simplicity. We need an application? He pressed - start. I have to install? Click here, here, and then here - everything can be. Change settings? Come here, click here. All ready. Apple has spent a lot of time and effort to make their devices as simple to use, and Steve Jobs personally beat her on the head of each, who tried to умничать. Yes, the iPad knows only what allowed the creators, but in most cases this is enough. But what he can do - it does very well. Here honestly - on iOS, even write anything, because no remarks. She just works and does not distract him from his work and thoughts.

And here is ... Windows Windows. She really gives times more likely, under it on the date where as more functional. It no нерешаемых task in principle, while the iPad even insert the flash drive is the problem, and as for file read there the overwhelming task. If you have to do something more complex or more or less unexpected (and at work happen often) - surely спасует iPad, and Windows does.

However, as Microsoft does not try to "put the record to date" of Windows, it is still too приветов the past. Its ultra-modern tablet with Windows 10 well is controlled with your fingers, but sooner or later (and later) when it comes to something set're in the window of small strings and design "directly from Windows 95". In many situations, paragraphs, buttons, small file names, click them is difficult - they must aim. Yes and look for configuration options - the issue requires enormous skill and cunning. The creators of the application spoiled ignored the fact that we now have tablets with Windows, and left the menu with the dimensions of the elements below mouse, etc.

In many applications still you have problems with work on high-resolution displays - the registration or small, or turbid. The scale of web pages in most browsers uncomfortable fact is not the iPad. Microsoft Edge these problems in almost no, but there are many others. Despite his constantly improving, arranging the oldest problems and creating new ones.

One of the problems have always been portable applications that run in the background and сжирают battery. Initially in iOS applications running in the background is prohibited, and if the device заснуло, заснуло all - with the exception of some, especially exceptions. Precisely to protect the battery, which in portable devices is very important.

In Windows, this also struggling, but, as they say, with varying success. And the system itself creates problems is not hardly more than a third-party application. He turned off the screen, the tablet has managed the case - and he is there, why he got involved. With Matebook has a serious chance to get somewhere, remove the tablet from the bag and find out what he has come to eating whole battery. Yes, it is possible that precisely this board that something is not set. But other test tablets Windows 10 sometimes behave in the same way.

Not to mention that Windows often banal. - Is the application of the fly, the onscreen keyboard does not appear when it should, not the "Start" menu opens, then not leave the notification bar to the right. The system is constantly updated (Update Download and перезагружаясь without demand), technical problems are gone, the new взаимен appear ... And all used to it, while errors discussed iOS updates for six months.

Windows potentially is capable of much more, and if you are working a lot on the road, and standing, and then at home, and even in the office ... then yes. But if the tablet, you need basic skills, preferably with the iPad it is easier. With Windows you all the time you have to fight in some detail. And that tired - and every day.

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