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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Why you should upgrade to iOS 10

iOS 10 was presented last June at WWDC 2016, but the final version will not reach users until September when submitting the next generation iPhone. However, if you want you can enjoy and iOS 10 thanks to betas.

Trial versions until recently were only available to developers, although there were those who managed to install it on your device using some other trick. Well, for a while there is a public beta program for users who so wish to test these trial versions.

iOS10 version comes loaded with numerous changes and new features , some of which you can enjoy and through the betas. So if you have not updated your iOS device to 10 below we give you some reasons why I do it.

Reasons why you should not wait to upgrade to iOS 10

Among the new features included in iOS 10 you'll find a new and improved lock screen completely redesigned with live status updates of some apps, with support for 3D Touch and more. On the other hand, improvements have been made in Siri and iOS 10 will be able to perform different actions with third party applications.

Thus, developers who so wish may adapt their applications so they can be compatible with Siri and allow the user to interact with it through the iOS voice assistant. Another new feature of iOS 10 is that the system has a deeper learning the user when writing to make intelligent suggestions and streamline the writing process.

iOS 10 also will feature recognition technology for the application of Photos can identify and organize images automatically. On the other hand, Apple Music receive a complete facelift to facilitate user navigation, while adding some other change in some sections.

Apple has completely redesigned the app in iOS News 10 and has support subscription. In addition, this version has included an application called Home for HomeKit through which the user can automate your home, controlling the various smart devices have at home.

This is just a small sample, but as you see iOS 10 has a bunch of new features that make it a very interesting version worthy of being installed now. Remember that is still in the testing phase and to download it to your device must be part of the program of public betas.

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