Xiaomi Mi VR presents its virtual reality headset smartphones

Xiaomi has presented a few hours "My VR" do, your headset virtual reality can be used on any smartphone that has a size between 4.7 and 5.7 inches.

How unsurprisingly, we are talking about a headset type Google CardBoard, but yes, change the carton by plastic, rubber and coating customizable elastane which greatly improves the appearance of the device.

Among its features, My VR has its own 3D interface so that once set do not have to take it from us to perform any action with the terminal.

Yes, it is important to note that no one should think that VR can make competition My devices like HTC Vive, because simply we face a more basic and simple solution exclusively for mobile devices.

For now the release date and price that will have the accessory, although presumably not exceed 10 or $ 15 is unknown.
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