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Friday, 19 August 2016

Your iPhone safe with the Best Security Tweaks

On more than one occasion Apple has warned users not to perform the Jailbreak their devices because they can put your safety at risk. Still, many users who decide to do it, since the Jailbreak greatly expands customization options iPhone or iPad.

However, Apple is right and if you make the Jailbreak your iOS device is no longer sure what it was. So the iPhone or iPad in question is more exposed to viruses, malware and Trojans if Cydia sources where no trust or install hacking or unreliable settings are used.

When you have the device with Jailbreak done it is essential to have some other tweak security to help you protect not only possible virus or malware, but also thieves. Here we leave some of the best security tweaks that you can keep your iPhone safe.

The best security tweaks to protect your iPhone with Jailbreak

First we will talk about the Find my iPhone. This is not a tweak, but a feature included in iOS, but it is an option that will help you protect your device from theft, since you can easily locate it.

To activate it you have to go to Settings - iCloud, sign in with your Apple ID and enable Find My iPhone features and Send last location. But if you want to go a step further we recommend you take a look at the following tweaks, through which you can control your iPhone stolen, keep it off without permission and more.


PickPocket is a tweak available in Cydia repo Ziph0n that activates an alarm when you make a mistake when entering the access code. The sound will not stop until the device is unlocked with the correct code or access Touch ID.

PickPocket also prevents your iPhone is turned off without your permission through a password to be asked before shutting down.


The iGotYa tweak lets you see who has taken your device and track that person. When the thief enter the wrong password enabled iPhone front camera and take a photo, which will be sent to your email.


Do you hate that a family member or friend cotillee your iPhone? With the tweak BioProtect you can password protect or Touch ID applications, folders or options control center that want access no one else but you. On the other hand, BioProtect also has a feature that makes the device may not be turned off unless you use the Touch ID to identify you. This tweak will find in the repo ModMyi and requires iOS 7 or higher system.


Polus is a tweak that allows you to configure the control center so you can remove the aircraft, brightness, Bluetooth and other features so that the thief can not access it with the screen locked. And it is that if airplane mode is activated can not locate your iPhone.

IfFound3 is available in the repository BigBoss Cydia for $ 0.99 and really can be very useful if you lose your iPhone.


Finally we tweaks aside, because if at first you were talking about the Find my iPhone now comes the turn to iCloud. If you have the Find My iPhone feature enabled, when you lost or stolen mobile can go to the web, log in with your Apple ID and select the search icon.

Here you will find several options, one that plays a very loud sound for two minutes, which is useful when you lost the mobile home for example and you know it's there but not the exact location. Another option is the lost mode, which makes it possible to locate the device even if someone turned off location services.

Finally, you also have an option that allows you to delete the entire contents of the iPhone. This is the last resort you can use if you can not find your phone and you give it up for lost, so no one can access your contacts, photos, videos and other information that you had on it.

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