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Monday, 5 September 2016

20 + New Jailbreak Tweaks of the week

The newly released tweaks range from bringing OS X-styled Lock screen to your iPhone to making the volume HUD less obtrusive by moving it to the Status bar.
20 + New Jailbreak Tweaks of the week
Amalthea (iOS 9): displays the volume HUD in the Status bar.
AppDye 2 ($1.99): lets you colorize various UI elements of iOS.
ArithmeticAlarm9 ($0.99): requires you to solve a math problem before you can silence the alarm.
AutoSaveStory (Free): allows you to save all Snapchat stories to your Camera Roll.
BottomBar (Free): moves the Status bar to the bottom of the screen.
ColoredVK 2 ($2.00): allows you to colorize UI elements of the VK app.
CustomNC (Free): lets you customize Notification Center by hiding tabs, removing separators and more.
Discreetify9 ($0.99): automatically filters notifications containing the keywords you’ve specified and replaces it with a text of your choice.
EventOnAppClose (Free): automatically invokes an Activator action after closing an app.
fileProto (Free): allows you to use ‘file://’ keyword in the URL in Safari.
GIFLock (Free): set any GIF as your wallpaper on the Lock screen.
Keep On Airplane Mode (Free): keeps WiFi and Bluetooth enabled even when you turn on Airplane mode.
LiveIconDisabler (Free): disables the animation of the Clock app icon.
Login ($1.99): brings OS X-styled Lock screen to your iPhone.
Mail Swipe2Delete (Free): directly delete emails in the iOS Mail app without sending them to archive.
Messages (iOS 8 & 9) ($1.99): brings Quick Reply and Quick Compose feature to iOS Messages app.
moBiLET++ (Free): removes time limit from moBiLET app so you don’t get logged out after the time limit exceeds.
NightOwl (Free): automatically enables Night Mode in Twitter app based on the time of the day.
Notum ($1.00): redesigns Notification Center and adds a new tab for music playback controls.
StatusbarVolume (Free): another volume HUD tweak for your iPhone.
Steps (Free): keeps track of your daily and weekly steps count.

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