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Saturday, 17 September 2016

$ 200,000 for breaking the security of a Nexus or Nexus 5X 6P, someone ups the ante?

So convinced are in Google security of its rather want to be so convinced , or devices - that existing rewards for discovering security flaws will just add a new contest called Project Zero Prize. If you are able to break the security of a Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P knowing that only the phone number and mailing address, your bank account will dawn with $ 200,000 more in the balance.

Sponsored by the coffers of Google, the new contest Project Zero - a security team that, among other things, was responsible for evidence of security breaches TouchWiz - invites users to prove they are capable of infecting the latest Nexus so using only a single opportunity to contact the victim. If they succeed, and if the attack is effective, they may be one of the three prizes at stake.

Project Zero Prize: infects a Nexus mail or SMS and win $ 200,000

The Project Zero Prize contest has started today -day September- 14, it will be in force until March 14 next year 2017 (which, by the economic reward, gives us an idea of how difficult it must be the challenge) and is open to participants from almost everyone. Victims must necessarily be a Nexus or Nexus 5X 6P, and the challenge is to get remotely access the files stored on the phones.

But do not think that Google has become so easy. Participants only have a single bullet to try his luck with their malicious code: Engineers Project Zero only provide a phone number and email address of Gmail, and masquerading as an innocent victim who has no problem opening a e-mail or SMS you just received from an unknown contact. That's the only interaction will be by the victim; from there, the attack must be able to take control of the mobile itself.

There are three prizes at stake: $ 200,000 for first place which gets $ 100,000 for second place and at least $ 50,000 for other winners who also deserve the price. There is also the prize of publishing a blog of Project Zero explaining the feat, although perhaps that is not so appealing for mortals.

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