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Monday, 12 September 2016

4 cordless handsets for iPhone 7 Less than 150 Doller

After months and months of rumors, last September 7 Apple announced what many already expected, the disappearance of Jack headphone jack on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Last week we showed you a small selection with some very economic models with less than 20 € prices , and today we bring you a collection of 4 cordless handsets for less than € 100.

Wireless headphones are very comfortable to wear, and is that not having the cable connected to the mobile device is much trouble, they fall with a little tug or having to be maneuvering to remove or put any item of clothing are avoided. However, the Apple AirPods have a somewhat high price and many users look for alternatives that offer good sound quality at an affordable price.

So today we bring four models of wireless headphones with great value - price so you can choose the one you like and suits your needs. So we do not entertain us and we will see what are the elect.

wireless headset for your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus

Onkyo E200BTB

These in-ear headphones feature a small braided cable connecting with each other through the back of the neck. They have a microphone and a controller with three buttons so you do not have to make the iPhone 7 for nothing.

The Onkyo headphones are compatible with Bluetooth devices and have a range of up to 8 hours of music playback or conversation. The box includes headphones and three pairs of silicone pads of different sizes for you to choose the most suitable for you and the USB charging cable.

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Syllable D900S

This model wireless headsets Syllable have a design as elegant. In this case do not have any cable and are of the type in-ear, have a range of 4 hours talk time or music playback and total load time 2 hours.

Syllable D900S headphones have a resistance IPX4 sweat and rain, so they are ideal for athletes. They come accompanied by a box intelligent charging and USB charging cable.

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JBL Reflect Mini BT

JBL Reflect Mini headphones connect to the iPhone BT 7 via Bluetooth and are very comfortable to wear. In addition you can easily answer calls or control music you're listening by controlling includes three buttons on one side of the cable.

Like the previous ones , these headphones also have a water resistance IPX4. It also has a curiosity, and that the cable is reflective so it offers great visibility, making it perfect for those doing sport at night them.

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Sony MDR-AS600BT

Last but not least important, we show these wireless headphones from Sony, the MDR-AS600BT. Model are a wireless auriculaes with a single button battery lasts up to 8 hours in music playback and three sizes arc subject to perfectly fit your ears.

These are the four proposals of wireless headphones that we offer for € less than 100 for your future iPhone 7. Although if you want you can also get your hands on one of them if you have an earlier model iPhone or even if you want to use with the iPad, as you just need to connect Bluetooth.

Which of these models do you buy? Why?

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