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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

5 Advantages And Disadvantages of the iPhone 7 And Android

iPhone 7 is a device that, like it or not, debates occur pohleshche the debate of candidates for president of the United States. The new generation was not the same прорывным, as iPhone 6 in two versions which unexpectedly rose traditionally small screen diagonal. However, for Apple and all fans of the "apple" products output iPhone 7 is a great event.

In one of the debates user RG, feels a fan of Android devices, he made a list of the main advantages and disadvantages of the new iPhone. Among them, including five reasons why owners "гуглофонов" will spit from the iPhone 7 and five reasons why they want to buy "malic" novelty.


1. Low screen resolution

Although the screen in every generation Apple smartphone becomes the best from the point of view of brightness, color and many other parameters, its resolution has not changed in three seasons.

I do not say that the screen is bad. It is sufficient for most users. Until you start to look at the fonts and icons. And ... to see пикселизацию. Yes, I придираюсь. And I have the right to do so, taking into account the cost of the device.

But it is not the main point. Key "trick" Apple screens is that they are very easy to break. Normal glass ore not survive the fall, as well as, for example, the latest generation of Gorilla Glass screen or небьющийся the flagships of Motorola. In the new generation of this drawback has been preserved, at least in Apple they have not declared that they have solved the problem of fragile screen of the "Group of Seven".

2. No headphone jack

The lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack. Until we find this iPhone feature 7, you do not think, as far as uncomfortable. Yes, in the game there are headphones with Lightning connector. Yes, there is an adapter. And here begins the "but".

The adapter is the first candidate to be lost. To this the appearance of a beautiful iPhone 7 this cheap "intermediate layer" between the device and headphones for $ 200-300 strongly lost in the integrity of perception adds. I would have left the adapter in the box and forgot about it.

Range of headsets for me is not the solution: EarPods have such a design that does not allow them to stay in my ears more than three steps, and after 30 minutes of listening to music without movement in space ears start to hurt. Not me.

It is still a way out - buying wireless headsets or headphones with Lightning connector. And this is an additional cost, not the smallest. Good wireless "ears" connections, for example, are not 3 and 4 thousand rubles. I do not like my chances limited artificially.

3. Dimensions and commitments

The dimensions of the current range of iPhone is the main commitment of these devices. It seems that it is still necessary for happiness: it is small and iPhone with 4-inch iPhone 7 with a diagonal of 4.7 and "shovel" 7 Plus, 5.5 inches.

But man, accustomed to Android, the problem occurs. If SE is unlikely in the next iPhone you will look at the power of their microscopic size, here is an iPhone 7 could be interested. And here the piece happens here. The standard of the diagonal of the screen in Android - the range of 5 to 5.7 inches. Most of the comfortable smartphones falls in the range of 5 to 5.2 inches (eg S7 Galaxy, HTC 10 Sony Xperia XZ). After these display devices in the iPhone 7 explicitly want.

"But there are 7 Plus!" - I tell you. It is true. Only he is so shovel that size, even more than hot in every sense of the novelty of Samsung, the Galaxy Note 7 wherein the diagonal of the screen rather than 7 Plus. And this selection in favor of a "plus" I also call it a compromise: they have to sacrifice comfort and space for the big screen and, as shown by other manufacturers, it is not always necessary.

And another Wireless. Apple, the presentation spoke at length about the resignation of the cables and the transition to an era of "Wireless", ie wirelessly. To me a legitimate question: where is the wireless charging of losing is? Time to add in the iPhone, 2016, in the courtyard.

4. No notification light

Trifle, you tell me. iPhone is able to connect the screen when you take your desktop. Yes, a mere trifle, yes, you know. But this certainly does not underestimate the importance of the notification light.

Always know what the notification came into my Samsung: missed call - the LED indicator flashes blue, a message on Facebook Messenger - green, someone wrote in WhatsApp - yellow. Still did not take the phone in hand, you realize that you could call or write. It is very convenient, but iPhone users is not available, and I'm sorry.

5. Price

Android-smartphones are no longer "cheap закосом iPhone". The price tag on the flagship of Samsung and Sony, and recently even favorite Chinese Huawei me, as close as possible to the value of iPhone 7. But I have come to see that the manufacturer claims the money.

In the case of the same Samsung I understand pricing in a 100% peak performance in the most modern and технологичном thyroid neighborhood, the best screens (and considered to become curved fashion), superb ergonomics.

In the iPhone itself paying more apple on the back of general and balance of a device that works perfectly, despite the mediocre 2016 standards features.

For quite big money with the iPhone you get better market the ecosystem of your MacBook Pro and iPad always work in conjunction with your iPhone, everything in sync, everywhere share useful content. But sometimes too upset. And some of the things (kind of link to iTunes, and now Lightning / Bluetooth headphones) cause irritation.

The price tag on the iPhone in Russia, personally called me questions. Another thing - in the United States: by comparing prices with ours, the people of America device will cost cheaper by a fifth, or fourth (depending on state taxes) - this is the conversation!

1. The device "once"

Antihumedad, one of the best cameras in the smartphone market, excellent performance, the game is guaranteed without brake - the iPhone has everything that is required of a modern smartphone. All this is contained in well-mounted, pleasant and elegant housing, and in the case of "only" inconsistent and ergonomically close to the ideal.

2. The camera

When you buy any fresh iPhone, you can ensure that the camera on it - the gold standard for the category of mobile devices. iPhone 7 is no exception, and the Plus version with a strong feature dual camera. And Apple has done really unique piece. To roar of Android-smartphone dual camera is not news: take the example of Huawei LG P9 or G5.

But for the first time in the industry of the second camera is used for portraits (will be available later with updating software) and hardware support 2x optical zoom. In my opinion, it is much more applied in history, in black and white of a module in P9, which improves color reproduction.

The implementation of wide-angle camera on the LG G5 is also very interesting from the point of view of the final result, but the function of the proposed Apple, it seems potentially more attractive. We hope the influx of steep portraits in Instagram.

3. Battery

I do not like to live in the constant feeling that the smartphone to a discharge point. This feeling for me personally, internally it looks like the situation when опаздываешь an important meeting, it is the unpleasant feeling that is a bit baffling and infuriating. Almost any Android smartphone is able to write to me in the style of the nervous situation.

And behold an iPhone 7, more than 7 Plus is unlikely that - since the time of iPhone 6s Plus I've had a year ago, the battery showed his best side after a full day of active use remained almost half of the load. The growth promised lifetime of a load (+2 hours for 7 and +1 for 7 Plus) should make the iPhone 7 one of the best "centenarians" of a burden on the market, and it's worth .

4. Music

I love listening to music. Almost any modern smartphone can play tracks worth of my favorite artists. But not everyone is able to do so, so I gladly nodded, hearing the sound pure and honest juicy voice low and high level of detail in your favorite headphones.

the iPhone has always been good from the point of view of headphones, and without them too. Even a speaker iPhone 6s Plus played pretty decent, and stereo speakers "seven" flagship nullifies the last year.

In the market there "music" smartphones with special chips, responsible for the musical component, able to satisfy even the most discerning listener. But none of them can truly call massive smartphone for each and every one of them. And the iPhone is a good choice for those who want to enjoy a good sound (though this and marred by the lack of a standard 3.5 mm jack in news).

5. Applications and Games

Optimization, optimization and optimization again. Execution of even the heaviest of toys and applications is the iPhone. Developers still live mainly in applications for iOS, Android is far less profitable) - because, and pay so much attention to the platform and products thereof.

It is here where most of эксклюзивов (loose even in a short period of time) - often iPhone users the first to receive new applications and games (the same MSQRD or promised to us in presenting Mario).

No need to delve into the details and think, will start if you're in the game controller with maximum graphics settings or not, in the new (and many older) iPhone guarantees it will work, absolutely everything what is available in the App Store. And it's great.


What we have at the exit? To me, as a man, who for many years changes from Android is the flagship again in the year, and one thing is clear: the most flexible platform Android, from a variety of manufacturers and models of smartphones da buyers the selection.

You want the simplicity of the interface? Please - here is the new flagship of Huawei. Rate the operating system without "add-ons"? Google smartphone mast (formerly Nexus, and soon, apparently Pixel) is waiting on the store shelf. You want maximum performance and better functionality on your device? Look on the side of the Galaxy Note or Galaxy S Samsung range. It is important that you always have the option to switch to a smartphone another brand, if, for example, interpreting or Meizu Android LG приелась him.

With the iPhone, the situation is different - you always have in the selection of one or more devices with the usual interface, you can refresh only new wallpaper or extend the new application steep.

Bad? Far from it. With the iPhone you buy sure you get the most stable and шустрое device to be a minimum of 1-2 of the season. Then again be waiting for the release of a new iPhone.

And it will be a new wave of debate and intensification of the two camps: Android vs iPhone. That is the battle continues for years. And you which side?

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