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Saturday, 3 September 2016

5 New Emojis on iOS 10

iOS 10 will bring a lot of new features and functions, but not only that. The next version of Apple 's mobile operating system will feature more than 70 new emoji , including some related to different professions.

Gradually they have discovered what new emoticons that will come with iOS 10. Recently we tell you that iOS 10 will have new Emoji sportswomen and the rainbow flag .

And that's not all, because Apple has added 5 new emoji to the list in which different professions are represented. Here the show to see what you think!

Professions and equality, protagonists of the new Emoji iOS 10

While we're talking about 5 new emoji, the fact is that in total there are 10 because each profession is represented for both sexes. So, iOS 10 will have five new professions on its list of emoji that are: painter, astronaut, firefighter, judge and police.

These new emoji add up to 32 new characters, 16 of which represent professions that are scheduled to make their way in the final version of Emoji 4.0. Developers and testers of the betas of IOS 10 and to have access to a handful of those emoji, but the release of Emoji 4.0 is not expected until mid November.

Apparently, from AppleInsider they said that Google was the first company to contact the Unicode Consortium to request the addition of characters representing different professions. Among them there would be a singer, teacher, chef, farmer, medical and many more.

What do you think of the new emoji to be incorporated into iOS 10? Do you use often use emoticons to express yourself when you talk to family and friends? Cuéntanoslos in the comments!

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