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Friday, 23 September 2016

5 Tricks for Google Allo you need to know

The day of release of Google Allo has arrived and is now available on the App Store Spanish. One of the main tricks Allo Google is Google Assistant, an option in which, using certain keywords can, access many interesting features.

Although the application he still has some things to finish, in this article we leave five tricks with you you shall carry much more useful Google Allo, the new instant messaging application.

Trick No. 1 | You do not want to forget your password?

One of the advantages of Allo against rivals Google is to use it as an assistant. Assistant can do a variety of things for you, either find a restaurant or store a password.

For example, if you want Google Allo remember your password, you can make use of one of his many tricks. Just follow these instructions:

From Google Allo enters the chat Assistant.

Write in chat "My Facebook password is ______" Google Assistant store the password for you, and can give you the next.

If you want to remember later, you only have to ask Google Allo "What's my Facebook password?" And the application will handle everything else.

Trick No. 2 | Google Allo takes you to eat!

Perhaps ever you happened to you that want to eat with someone and search for restaurants in Google, both get different results, making it nearly impossible to agree. Well, with Google Allo that's no longer a problem.

By simply using the "Show me @Google restaurants nearby" command during a conversation, Allo Google will display a list of options that you will see in your chat, and so will the person you're talking.

You can even specify the type of food (Mexican, Italian, Chinese ...) Google Assistant to filter the results. Enough useful, eh?

Trick No. 3 | You want to hear a joke?

Surely you've been in those times dead midnight where your friends are already sleeping and you have no one to distract you . Google Allo can make the wait less heavy thanks to its -even jokes are not available in Spanish. All you have to do is type in Google Chat Assistant something like "Tell me a joke", and this to work will.

Trick No. 4 | Allo Google location services

Are you on a new site or want to know where that restaurant everyone is talking about is? With Google Allo you'll have at a time. Just ask where the site is , and after a few seconds, the application will respond with information, and multiple ways to access it.

And you can also ask for other important information about the site you're asking.

Trick No. 5 | With Google Allo, you'll have everything on time

One of the tricks of Google Allo is that it can also function as a reminder. All you have to do is ask you to remember what you want to do -of far only in English, but soon come available in Spanish. For example, "Remind me to buy rice." When you ask when you want to remember, you only have to answer with the time and day, and it will be fixed on your calendar.

Undoubtedly, Google Allo is one of the biggest bets of the "Big G" to enter the field of communication. From iPadizate we'll be reporting on this useful application, which also function as a message, it also has very interesting features added.

We hope these tricks for Google Allo you have been helpful! Sure you can get much more juice to the application with them.

Have you already tested the application? Tell us how was your experience with Google Allo in the comments!

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