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Saturday, 24 September 2016

7 best features that surely used macOS Sierra

The new version of the Mac operating system, the Sierra macOS equipment, has had a positive impact on users, all thanks to its new features, which promise to provide an incredible experience every time you use your computer. Of all, safe open one or two that use more than the others, therefore; will present 7 brings the best features macOS Sierra, which enjoyed much the insurance.

If you have not made the update yet, you are advised to do it; and if still not quite sure of making it, seeing the 7 new features that you mention probably be totally convinced.
7 new features that are sure to be using macOS Sierra

    Siri available on Mac:

    With the arrival of macOS Sierra also it has come Siri ; personal assistant that many users love. Siri access will be easy, because you will have a shortcut on the menu bar; specifically in the upper right corner of the screen, or you can go to the Dock and clicking on the big button Siri , plain and simple.

You will not find anything strange in the functioning of Siri, many of the things you can do on their mobile version can do on your Mac, but now has some unique features, such as the opportunity to manage their documents, among others known as send messages, and much more.

    Image of a web video:

    This new feature will let you have a floating video on the screen as if you were using the picture mode, with this enjoy a window more practical view, where you can enjoy web video or a movie, if you have all the Safari window or open Netflix. 

Access this option is not complicated, you just enter any web video, and select the new option called "Enter Picture in Picture" if you want to do with a YouTube video must click twice. I could previously use this feature but through an application called Helium.

    Crossing the clipboard iOS to Mac (and vice versa)

    The opportunity to use this option will be incredibly useful to many users because; You can then paste files from your Mac to your iPhone, and of course your iPhone on your Mac even if you wish you can do the same but using your iPad, that is.; paste files you copy from your iPad on your Mac, and of course vice versa. 

This is possible because the copy / paste is done through iCloud, so that teams work need to have the iCloud enabled with the same Apple ID, plus your iPhone / iPad must have iOS 10 or later installed for it to work.

    Recommendations on storage and optimization:

    This is an interesting new feature that will be very useful, that's for sure, because you can find out how much space on your hard disk is being wasted, you can see the space they occupy in the file system, documents, users, iTunes, your mail, photos, and other file types. 

You should only go to the menu and select the option called "About this Mac", then go to the Storage tab. In this tab to locate a button called Manage, doing so will access the new feature to optimize storage. This will help maintain a complete order at all its equipment; and even have an option to store files in iCloud, if you need free space.

    Log in using your Apple Watch:

    If you have an Apple Watch, with this new version of Mac, this device will be very useful. By having the two - factor authentication Apple ID, you can log into your Mac a quick way only using your Apple Watch ; You enter without a password, one must go to the security section of your Mac, and activate this feature. 

Keep on top folders using the Finder Rating:

This option is not fancy, but certainly at some point will be useful, because; You can have folders at the top of the directory by using the search engine, and to activate; You should only go to the browser menu, go to Preferences, and just below the advanced options you can enable this option.

See previews of links sent by iMessage

Now if your friend sends you a link via iMessage; you can know what is before opening it, because; You have the opportunity to see a preview of what lies within the link. So really know if it is worth opening, this excellent feature is also available for iOS 10.

Besides these seven characteristics, macOS Sierra offers many more, and all great but; These 7 in particular insurance help him finish taking the decision to upgrade their equipment; and if now I upgrade, you should already have more or less an idea of ​​what is available.

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