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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

7 interesting facts about Super Mario Run

As you well know, Nintendo partnered with Apple to make the launch of the first Mario game in IOS 10 and exclusive. Your name? Super Mario Run.

We do not know if Super Mario Run will be as successful as Pokémon GO , what we do know are some interesting facts about the game you might be interested in ...

In an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto, the guys at IGN could get pretty juicy info about Super Mario Run. Do you want to know all the details?

7 interesting facts about Super Mario Run

1. Veteran Team

Game director is Takashi Tezuka, one of the developers of the original game Super Mario Bros and director Hideki Konno maps, and maps creator of Super Mario World.

2. Customizing worlds

Nintendo plans to add customization of scenarios and "Kingdoms of Mushrooms" Super Mario Run, but are taking this issue very secretive ...

3. Multiplayer

Super Mario Run includes a game mode called "Toad Rally" that lets you compete against other players in online multiplayer.

4. Sync with Miitomo

One goal of Nintendo is to enhance the activity in Miitomo, for it will allow invite friends to play and compete with their scores. The social side of classic Nintendo games, go.

5. Endless Mode

Super Mario Run, like other titles "Run" from the App Store, runner incorporate an endless mode where you have to collect the maximum number of coins and get as far as possible with a time limit.

6. Inspiration

As Miyamoto said Nintendo was not inspired by other Runner App Store but focused on creating something original and innovative.

7. Price

Yet we know the price of Super Mario Run, but we know it will have a fixed price and will not be a "free-to-play" with integrated within the app game purchases.

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