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Monday, 5 September 2016

88% of iOS devices already have 9 or higher version installed

From time to time, Apple updates its data on the rate of adoption of its mobile operating system , and has done it again when we are only a few days to witness the arrival of the final version of IOS 10. And according to these data, 88% of compatible devices have iOS 9 or higher, a percentage that is not bad installed.

And one of the good things about Apple is that when launching a new version of its iOS operating system that is readily available for all supported devices, which are not few. In this case, almost nine out of ten iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch feature iOS 9, which does not happen in Android, because they suffer a great segmentation.

On the other hand, do not forget that iOS 10 is just around the corner, as it is expected to be released after Wednesday's event iPhone 7 or shortly thereafter. And surely Apple wait an adoption rate with its new well or better than that obtained with iOS 9 system.

9 out of 10 devices have iOS9 version

Apple posted an adoption rate of iOS 9 of 50% at the end of September 2015, the largest percentage of adoption of iOS obtained by the company in its history. Of course, in the weeks following the growth rate it decreased with iOS 9.1, but has not come to stop at any time.

Thus, currently 88% of compatible devices have iOS 9 or higher. On the other hand, 9% of the devices still running some version of iOS 8 and only 3% had a previous version.

Seeing these figures do not doubt that iOS is the undisputed king of operating systems in this regard. And is that just need to see the great fragmentation suffered by Android devices and Windows Phone, which users have to wait several months to enjoy the latest version of the system, that if it fit the model of your device .

Will iOS in October the same reception given iOS 9?

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