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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

a new defect is found in the iPhone 7

New problems arise in the new line of smartphones, since apparently there is a problem that causes the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus lose access to the telephone network after a person turns off the airplane mode.

The Cupertino company is advising service providers authorized to recommend to the owners to restart their iPhones. In the event that the reboot does not work, Apple suggests that people re-insert your SIM card, but there is also the possibility of replacing the units in some cases.

This, coupled with that there are some defective units that make noise when they are required much, all it causes is that there is a wave of complaints about the new line of smartphones. For example, a user who has an iPhone 7 with the AT & T provider entered in "unserved" nine times, on Sunday.

In response, the support staff of the company said they are receiving a number of similar calls. A support representative suggested that the problem may be attributable to the iPhone SIM tray 7, which could be faulty and not allow the SIM contact properly with mobile.

This would be the second flaw discovered in the iPhone, because as stated earlier, some models are generating an annoying when handling tasks that require high processor loads sound, although there seems to have negative consequences.

This seguidillas defect to the new line of iPhones, does not sit well at all with Apple, because this year was not one of his best financiaros periods. Considering only the first year quarter, the company had a substantial drop in earnings, which lowered the value of its shares on the stock market on Wall Street.

Basically, the Cupertino company is required to give a very good impression on its new line of smartphones, to obtain an acceptable record sales, but still appear defects, hardly make it.

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