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Sunday, 18 September 2016

A strange noise from the iPhone 7 causes discomfort among users

Not everything is rosy for Apple. as they have appeared a number of complaints from users regarding serious problems with the iPhone in July.

Apparently when overtaxing CPU iPhone 7 having integrated the "A10 Fusion" processor, a strange whistle occurs on the phone.

The new A10 chip is a quad-core processor contains two cores and two high-power low-power, allowing not consume too much battery and is very powerful when processing tasks high demands.

Despite these capabilities, it seems that the processor still has a "small" problem.

The problem arises when you are required constant way the iPhone 7 and a whistle that can be heard where the processor is located on the device occurs.

After being published the problem in social networks, confirmation of this problem is now appearing all over the Internet.

If you want to know how to make a sound processor, look at the following video:

Obviously this does not bailing quality iPhone 7 which suggests that they are selling defective devices, that sooner or later end up becoming expensive paperweight. Such sounds are not normal when a smartphone is used regularly.

Moreover, a user with this problem contacted AppleCare to solve your problem. In response, he was told that the iPhone needed to be replaced. Unfortunately, the high demand for the new smartphone does not spare units available, so he was told the user to receive a new device within about 5 or 7 days.

Of course not only was one person who complained about this problem as soon several users have reported the same problem with their new smartphones.

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