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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Activating the Dark Mode on the Apple TV

 One of the new improvements brought TVOS version 10 was the popular Dark Mode. With this feature, users can change the background of the menus, to be displayed with a black hue. By default, the software interface for Apple TV, is maintained with a white background, but with the new update you received, you can enable the dark theme.

Activate the Dark Mode, it is quite simple to make, and you can use two methods for this. The first is through the system settings, which would be the most "complicated" way. Furthermore, you can also achieve ordenándoselo Siri. Regardless of which option you choose, here we'll show you how to enable dark theme through two ways already exposed.

Dark Mode Activate your Apple TV from the system setting

  •     Enter to Settings> General> Appearance and then select the "Dark" option to enable the dark theme. 

  • If you've changed your mind, and you want to leave it as it as it is by default, then re-enter the same way and select the "Light" option.

Dark Mode energize you on Apple TV using Siri

  1.     Press the button Siri from the control and then say "Enable dark theme" or "Enable dark mode", depending on the language. 

  1. On the other hand, you can also instruct Siri to turn off the Dark Mode.

So simple, you can enable (or disable) the Dark Mode on your Apple TV. If you are looking for, it is the easiest way to do this, try using Siri, as only just order him to do so.

The black background in menus, usually gives a more elegant and pleasing to the touch interface, and is one of the biggest pluses that has the Dark Mode. Do you dare to try?

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