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Friday, 16 September 2016

Activating the feature Announce Calls in iOS 10

iOS 10 comes with a handful of excellent features. You are, facilitate the way we sailed from our iPhone, and also allows simple tasks more quickly and easily. It also comes a feature that allows users to hear the name of the person you are calling.

This new feature is designed for those who frequently use their headphones. While the user is jogging, or listening to music, you will know the name of any contact you call it , and will not have the need to pull out your iPhone to verify the person. This is achieved thanks to Siri, you will be advising the name of the contact who is calling us.

By default, Announce Calls, are disabled. Users who wish to use it, must enter settings iPhone operate it. If you do not know how to do, try following the steps below:

Activates the call for the ad (Announce Calls) in iOS 10 

  1. From your iPhone, go to Settings application and select the "Phone" tab.
  2. Then, click on the Announce Calls option.

If you want to have active function at any time, click on Always.

So simple, any call that is coming to your iPhone, will be announced by Siri. On the other hand, you can be more specific and choose the other options that are available. Through them, you can order the Announce Calls, your headphones are activated only as possess, or have headphones and you are in a car.

Undoubtedly, the announcement of the calls is a feature that many have pleased them, especially those who always use your headphones. On the other hand, the option can also be turned off, and you just have to enter Settings> Phone> Announce Calls and select the "Never" box.

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