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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Activating "Hey, Siri" on your Mac computer with Sierra macOS

The first time Siri was released was in 2011, but only for mobile devices, now with the arrival of macOS Sierra, Mac users can realize the full potential of the Siri assistant. Users already have insurance like saying "Hey, Siri" on your Mac, but by default, this command does not work on Mac computers to access Siri this time other methods are used.

Such as: the shortcut will now appear in your menu bar or Dock, or you can also use a command key on your keyboard. But if you really want to have the opportunity to invoke Siri saying "Hey, Siri" on your Mac, there is a way to do it.
On "Hey, Siri" on your computer with Sierra macOS

  1.     Go to System Preferences on your Mac computer 

  • Now locate the Accessibility option, entering should be located in the left pane and enter the Dictation option
  • Once that option must check the box "enable keyword phrases Dictation", then you must type in the text box the word "Hey"

  • In this window, you must click on the option called Dictation commands located at the top, and select the "+" button on the left panel to add a new command
  • Have 3 pictures on the right side, in the first you must write the word "Siri" in the second to put "Any application" and the third "Open"

  •     Look in the application folders the Siri application, if desired you can use the search box to speed up the process
  •     You must select, press open, and finally give the Done button. 

Now Siri will come to their rescue whenever you say "Hey, Siri" on your Mac, even if you want to use more creative words to call Siri, you can use the same procedure and place any other phrase you want.

You will not find any surprises in the overall functioning of Siri on your Mac, because possess many of the same functions and experiment on iOS, although they have included some exclusive activities for MacOS, some of these are: the handling of documents located in the file system or be able to refine the results in the notification center.

Sure many users of Mac computers, will enjoy all the advantages that Siri presents, and with this information you present, you can use Siri as if you were using it on your iPhone, though of course, also has other ways they were already mentioned, to invoke Siri on your Mac, if desired.

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