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Friday, 23 September 2016

Adjusting clicks start button on the iPhone 7

The physical home button iPhone 7 is completely different from its predecessors because it uses built -in pressure sensors and an improved engine Taptic to detect and simulate clicks. Thanks to this, the start button no longer use moving parts, so there is less chance of breaking it.

To make the user experience a pleasant one, a new section of "Meet the new start button" on the installer iOS that lets you customize how you will react to the touch button is included.

You can also choose from three levels of haptic feedback that simulate clicks from the Settings application.

To help users to adjust the intensity of the pseudo-clicks smartphone, Apple has added a new option for the start button in the General section of the application settings (not to be confused with the section start button that it is in accessibility settings).

Then we'll show you a brief tutorial to adjust the intensity of clicking the Start button:

Adjusting clicks start button on the iPhone 7

  •     Go to Settings -> General -> Home button, your iPhone in July.
  •     You will see the wizard "Choose your click" like the iOS setup wizard. In this section you can choose from three levels of "clicleado" for the start button, light (1), medium (2) and strong (3).
  •     After selecting the intensity intensity, press the start button to feel the click without having to close the configuration panel.
  •     If you liked the changes, please tap "Done" to save the changes. 

As mentioned before, you can customize the accessibility features of each of the start button clicks from Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Accessibility shortcut.

The possibilities are multiple, just touch test.

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