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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Adoption of iOS 10 reaches 34% of Users

IOS 10 has been available for a week, and its adoption has been growing steadily since the last days. According to data provided by Mixpanel , iOS 10 it is already installed in 34% of Apple's mobile devices.

On the other hand, iOS 9 remains the most popular mobile operating system, installed on over 62% of the devices, and less than 5% have installed iOS 8 or lower.

The data indicate that 24 hours after the official launch of iOS 10 was already installed on 14.45% of the devices, a statistic slightly higher than the adoption of iOS in September last year.

iOS 10 incorporates a host of new features , functions and features that have encouraged many users to upgrade their mobile operating system immediately. For example, the fabulous new features of the Messaging application, integration with third-party applications Siri, and the new design of the user interface Control Center, lock screen and Notification Center.

If the growth of the adoption of iOS 10 still booming, their numbers could significantly exceed the numbers of IOS in September.

In fact, if iOS 10 is installed in a 16% more devices over the next week, it will become the mobile operating system with the fastest adoption of history.

Apple said iOS 9 was installed on more than 50% of active mobile devices within two weeks after its official launch last year.

And you? Have you installed and iOS 10 on your iPhone or your iPad? What features do you like most new mobile operating system from Apple?

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