After the explosions Galaxy Note 7 consumers plan to stop Samsung smartphone, one in three will enter the iPhone

Despite the decision of 90% of smartphone owners Galaxy Note 7 new smartphones reject change, and not choose a gadget from another manufacturer, the Samsung may be a problem with consumer confidence. On this being said in the analytical study of the agency Branding Brand.

The mail service trade surveyed thousands of buyers of Samsung smartphones to determine the extent to which they are delivered this manufacturer after problems with the Galaxy Note 7.

The study included two questions: will save if users loyalty Samsung and ziran than other brands. One in three (34%) of the current owners of devices Samsung said it no longer buy a smartphone of this company. Of these, at least 81% have always been the owners of South Korean Android-phone or appliances.

The survey was conducted after Sept. 15. Who wish to maintain the loyalty of Samsung, 77% do not want to study smart phones from another manufacturer. Other causes of conservation of loyalty: style (52%), personalization (44%), battery (39%), price (35%), an aversion to other brands (28%).

One in three of those who plan to go to another brand smartphone choose the iPhone, 57% of those who look to other Android device. According to analysts, 21% of the current owners of Samsung smartphones were iPhone owners before.
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