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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Already available new leather protectors for iPhone 7

In the presale period for certain privileged countries, Apple has updated its line of protective housings to match the physical changes in the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. It has also updated its leather cases with a new detail, Sleep buttons and volume made from machined aluminum.

These protectors designed by the Cupertino company fit nicely into the new design of the iPhone models 7. They are made ​​of leather, so it develops a natural patina over time. Inside, there is a microfiber lining that protects the iPhone from dust and scratches. Finally, some aluminum buttons are included for volume and sleep buttons that give more style protector.

As stated above, the slight modification of the protective arrive just in time for the arrival of the new generation of smartphones that Apple offers, but best of all is presented in the presale period. So here if you're one of the fortunate to have the opportunity to make a pre order an iPhone 7, the leather case would make a perfect companion to mobile.

The cover iPhone 7 comes in a variety of colors like navy, gray storm ,, midnight blue, black, red, among other variants. The iPhone version 7 sells for $ 45.00, while the case for the iPhone 7 Plus costs about $ 49.00.

Apple also sells silicone cases, although these do not come with aluminum buttons. The silicone case iPhone 7 is more flexible than leather and button response is much better in protective silicone that old leather.

Finally, only a few Spanish-speaking countries are enabled for preorder iPhone 7 (Mexico, Spain, etc).

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