Angry Customer Smashed iPhone in the Apple Store. -


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Friday, 30 September 2016

Angry Customer Smashed iPhone in the Apple Store.

Is one of the most disturbing news when a man walked into the Apple. Store along with bocce ball away to beat the iPhone and other products for individual stores in France. Amid the stunned employees and customers.

Male frantic chase smashed one by one in the iPhone Apple Store.

For he destroyed including iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or MacBook to employees and customers, but anyone standing in his madness. Along with bocce ball in hand which damaged thousands of euros. After being arrested, he claimed.

Apple has violated the rights of European consumers. And he made contact with the company. To request a refund, but was refused. Cause resentment I was drained at the Apple Store

From the clips I like to let catch but good. However, when viewed from the second clip looks like he's trying to escape. But the security officers arrested them. The mood is a little fouled almost like a boxer.

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